Construction Experience and a Place for My Tiny House

So you want to build a Tiny House… Great! Wonderful! Awesome!!! Until you get to the actually building part… I don’t know how to do that. Do you? I mean, I get the idea, but when it comes to reading building plans and using a nail gun and a table saw… um no. Not in my experience. Then, how do you get experience or even some level of comfort?

The first idea I had was classes. This is probably a great option, but they cost money, which I don’t have a lot of these days. There are some that are free, like the ones that they offer at Lowe’s. Most of them are about finishing touches like tile and flooring. What about the actual structure? There are several tiny house companies that offer workshops, but again, they cost money. Like $400 for 2 days. I’m sure that they are provide a lot of good information and that they are worth it, but I just can’t afford that at this point.

The next idea I had was working in construction. But that would require me to give up my current day job, which I love. I can’t trade race cars for… well.. anything. So that’s not an option either.

Today I found an awesome website with all kinds of information on it:

There was a listing on there looking for volunteers. I don’t know why this wasn’t my first thought. I swear I have gotten more jobs by volunteering than any other way. So, I reached out to them and set up a time to help them out. Of course, their first question was “Do you have experience?” But thankfully they followed with “It ok if you don’t. No worries!” So I am going to get some experience. I haven’t really met anyone who owns a tiny house, so I’m pretty excited about that as well.

The other cool thing about the website is that they have listings for land and for people who want to rent their land to people with tiny houses! This was one of my MAJOR concerns. I have no place to build and/or park my house. I had no idea where to even start looking. This is a huge resource. I have reached out to a few of the listings and am waiting to hear back.


Downsizing, Part 2

I have a long way to go in my downsizing process. Right now I’m working on things that can be sold. I spent yesterday evening listing my vintage hand bag collection on Ebay. I’m trying not to be sentimental about it. I was surprised to find out that one of them is a name brand that could be worth quite a bit of money. We’ll see!

I found some other things that I listed as well, some cake pop and doughnut makers that I haven’t used in more than a year, some sunglasses that I was given from one of our driver’s sponsors (they are guys and I don’t know any guys to give them to), and my old tap shoes. I took tap dance lessons… wow, like 15 – 20 years ago. Damn, those shoes are vintage!!! I almost feel bad for my mom who spent like $100 on them and I only wore them a few times. I think I had 2 or 3 pairs actually. The first thing that sold out of the bunch was the shoes! They were the most expensive thing that I listed.

I went through my closet as well and found some name brand clothes that I don’t wear. I listed them on Ebay as well.  A hundred $10 will add up pretty fast.

I have also made a stack of items to take to the Goodwill. It keeps growing, which is good. Less stuff to find a place for in my tiny house.

I think the next thing that will have to be downsized is my picture frame collection. I have tons of pictures on several walls. There just won’t be that much wall space in my tiny house. So, I’m going to take some of them to my new office at work.

I was thinking about giving some of them away as presents. I gave my family pictures of each of us together as part of my Christmas presents this year and they all loved them. I think that will encourage me to take pictures with people too, which I’m so bad at because I hate pictures of me.

The things that we really going to kill me are the 5 boxes of things that go in my cedar chest and my box of racing memorabilia and autographs. We have already established that one diecast car and a real racing tire are on the “cannot, will not part with” list. I am trying to figure out where they will live in the house. The tire my just have to take up some valuable floor space in the living room. Yes, I love it that much. I was actually thinking of purchasing some sheet metal that would hang on the ceiling… still thinking about that.

The other autographs, though, they are very sentimental. They were collected from years of racing with my dad. Each one of them has a story and memory behind it. I don’t know how you can get rid of stuff like that? But they aren’t things that I want displayed.. there are too many of them and there just wouldn’t be enough space to make them look right.

So between autographs and old baby blankets and doilies that my grandma made for me… it’s a lot to find a place for in my tiny house. This may end up in part of the storage under my bed, the back part that is closest to the window and harder to access.

I think the only thing that would make it ok to give some of these things ok would be if they went to people who would cherish them as much as I do. I’ll have to work on that too.

The next thing will be my TiVo box. It’s a few years old, but still works good. I don’t use it at the moment because I have Direct TV. But I can’t get rid of it either because it has a whole season of my favorite show on it and I can’t get it off. Plus there are some other things on there that I can’t part with. If anyone knows how to get them off, please let me know!

So, that’s my downsizing adventure for this weekend. Hopefully I can take some of this stuff to the Goodwill this week!