Downsizing… Part One

I don’t have a lot of stuff… er, well, I didn’t used to. When I moved to NC about 5 years ago everything that I owned fit into my little Toyota Corolla. I guess it has expanded a bit in the last couple of years. The last time I moved, last year, it took a little bit more than my car.

I currently live in an apartment that is about 500 sq ft. To me, it feels pretty empty. I don’t have a lot of furniture. My cedar chest should be the only thing that I’m keeping, though I don’t currently have a plan for where it is going in my tiny house. I don have a LOT of little stuff though.

Downsizing is a big deal for me. I tend to be sentimental about EVERYTHING. I love pictures and scrapbooks and keeping things that mean something. I have a box for every year for the last 4 years. That’s where I keep things that won’t fit in one of the 50 scrapbooks that I have.

Plus, I have a bunch of racing memorabilia, including a race car tire that I CANNOT part with.


It needs a home, but it’s kinda big for my little house. I’m not opposed to it having a shelf, maybe in the living room. I love it there as a conversation piece. It may have to go on the shelf above my bed, which is fine too.

The only other big thing is my bike…


It currently lives in the living room, but I don’t think that’s an option in my tiny house. Since I plan on keeping my house pretty permanent, I think I will have to have a shed to keep it and all of it’s paraphernalia in.

So, those are the big must haves. Everything else can go!

I started that process a few weeks ago. I ended up with a pretty big pile of things in the living room, about 4 boxes full. That was the easy stuff. Then I started picking stuff up thinking, “this can go. I don’t need it, have NEVER used it. Oh! But I think Mom gave it to me for Christmas… last year? Two years ago? No, I can’t get rid of it.” Yeah I’m sentimental.

The problem is, you don’t have room for a race car tire, a cedar chest, 50 scrapbooks, all of the necessities like clothes and dishes AND sentimental in a tiny house. So, I decided that if I hadn’t used it or even taken the price tag off of it in 2 or 3 years, I probably didn’t need it. Sorry Mom!

This philosophy helped with a few things that I have never used. But then I got to the things that I used to use, but don’t now and haven’t in some time. I used to spend hours making handmade cards with rubber stamps with my mom and our friends. We would throw parties and “stamp” for hours. So, I have this large collection of stamps and stamp pads and ribbons and glitter and all kinds of trinkets that go along with making cards. Every time I have tried to sort through this stuff in the past… I feel like a hoarder. I would pick one thing up, think about when I bought it (I always remember), how much it cost (most of it is really expensive), what I gave up to buy it (so many things), when I used it last.. this is where it got hard. I miss those parities and that time with friends and family.

I realized yesterday that what I really missed was the time with friends and family. I don’t miss making cards. I don’t use the stamps and things anymore. In fact, most of what I have is 10 to 15 years old. It’s WAY different than what I use for my scrapbooks. So I organized it to sell it. Hopefully this makes it “vintage” and therefore worth a lot of money!

I sorted through one of my boxes of keepsakes as well. It was full of books and notes from my engineering classes. They were pretty hard to throw away. I managed to part with everything, but the tests. That narrowed the stack by about 9/10.

My clothes are going to be my next hurdle. I have probably 3 to 4 times more than what I think will fit in the new place. I never thought that I had a lot of clothes before… Ugh! I have more kinds of clothes now though. I started running about a year and a half ago, and cycling. So, along with work and casual clothes, I have running and cycling clothes too. And, you wouldn’t think so, but I’m sentimental about clothes too. It’s hard to get rid of them.

I have 5 different sizes in my closet. The girls reading this will probably understand. For some reason, I think that if I get rid of the smaller ones, I’ll never wear that size again. But I keep the bigger ones, well, just in case. I’ve never been one to have a lot of money. I guess part of it comes from that. I can’t just go out and buy clothes if I gained or lost weight. But I suppose if you haven’t worn it in… ten years… (UGH!!!) you should probably get rid of it. It isn’t stylish anyway.

Ok, I’m WAY too young to have clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in ten years. I think thats enough for today. I’m certain there will be a part 2!