Tiny Plans

I’ve been away for a while. Away from thinking and planning about my tiny house. But it’s never far from my mind. But I’m back again and more determined than ever.

I had an opportunity to visit a tiny house last week. I got to meet Alexis and Christian from Tiny House Expedition at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Concord, NC. They were there for a project that they are working on with Habitat for Humanity.

Their house is 130 square feet. They built it by themselves with support from Thomas E Elsner Custom Carpentry in Winston-Salem, NC. I’m not going to lie, 130 sq ft is small. I was in the living room area with Alexis and 4 other people at one point. It was tight, but there was enough space for everyone.

Alexis was telling us that they had a party in there the night before and had 6 people comfortably to entertain. It seemed a little small for that, but I suppose it could work. I’m not big on entertaining, so this really won’t be an issue for me.

Everything in the house is multipurpose. The couch has storage under it, the stairs double as seating and a closet, the shelf turns into a table. Alexis said that was very important and that it takes a lot of planning. I can only imagine. I have this fear that I won’t be able to think of all of these types of things until my house is done. It will be too late!

The walls inside were painted white, which I LOVE. The inside of my house is going to be mainly white. I don’t think that I have seen one like that yet.

She also said that they used a lot of wood from an old barn and old house. I love that idea, though I don’t know that it will work for my house. I think that I want a more clean, elegant look.

It was so awesome to see a tiny house in person! It’s only the second one that I have seen. It makes the dream seem a whole lot more like reality.

Also, it was so, so nice to meet people who get it. I’ve had to explain this concept and idea to everyone that I know. It’s getting easier with the shows now of HGTV and FYI, but most people still think that it is a joke. It’s amazing to connect with people who are excited about it and who are already living it! If you haven’t done this yet, I would encourage you to. I think it has been one of the most important things for my in the planning process.


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