Tiny Kitchen

I can’t even begin to tell you how many houses that I have lived in. But one of the most important things about every one of them was the kitchen. It’s the gathering place. It’s where you spend so much time. It’s important for it to be functional and livable. There is nothing worse than dealing with a bad layout or one that is missing something.

I’m probably a little bit easier to please than most people though. It wasn’t too long ago that I was living entirely out of a bedroom and bathroom, with no kitchen (or no kitchen that I wanted to use. Roommates… Ugh!). So I know all about toaster ovens and washing dishes in the bathroom sink – which I wouldn’t recommend, but it’s better than nothing.

The kitchen that I have now isn’t much bigger. I do have a regular stove/oven and fridge. There is a small, but deep sink and about one cabinet of counter space. There are upper cabinets as well. I have added 2 small wall shelves and a cubical shelf that I got on sale at Lowe’s.

I keep my dishes to a minimum, mostly because it forces me to wash them. If I had 10 plates, I would wash the dishes every 10 days, but since I only have 2 plates, I wash them every other day. It works for me.

The key to a small kitchen is having everything that you need and all of it having a place – organization. I’m not very good at that. To combat that, though, I have decided to do drawers where I can instead of cabinets. It’s SO much easier to throw bowls and cups and spoons into a drawer than to try and organize them in a cupboard. Plus you end up with lots of waisted space above them.

One solution for that is these nifty drawers:


Photo from: http://familyhandyman.com

I guess we should start with a list of must haves. That makes more sense here…

Kitchen Must Haves:

Toaster Oven

Mini Fridge

Kitchenaid Mixer


Induction Stove Top (or 2)

Jars for Storage (of things like flour and sugar)

Things to consider…

I have a couple of large bowls, a mixing bowl from IKEA and some large Tupperware storage bowls. They need a decent size space. I also have a double boiler pan that I’m not willing to part with.

I plan on using the storage jars as a decorative thing as well as functional. I love the look of open shelves with jars and plates displayed. This idea may not work too well if you are planning on moving your house a lot. I’m not. Mine should be pretty permanent.

My list of must have’s seems pretty small to me. I think it should all fit pretty well. I plan on putting the fridge under the counter next to the sink and putting a washer/dryer combo next to it, but facing out toward the living room, kinds like this…


My house will have an island like the picture above as well, but the house will be wider. And there will be a bar extension over the side facing the living room with stools for an eating area. It may make the washer/dryer access a little awkward, but I’m willing to deal with that.

My kitchen will be shaped like a U, with the opposite wall covered in cabinets. There should be room for the toaster oven to have it’s own cabinet, like a built in microwave, in the upper cabinets. That’s where I plan on hiding the Kitchenaid mixer as well. I saw this cool idea on Pinterest for hiding them…


Photo from: http://www.kitchen-design-ideas.org/

It worries me a little bit though. Have you ever lifted a Kitchenaid mixer?? They are HEAVY. That much be a really heavy duty shelf. I’m a bit concerned about the whole thing falling down or randomly falling on my feet. I don’t mind it on the counter, cause I think it looks awesome, but I think I might want the counter space more. I’d like to keep the counter space pretty clean. I think that will make the whole house look/feel bigger.

As for the design of the kitchen, I want it to be elegant, but simple. I LOVE white cabinets and white countertops. Would love to have marble, but I think it may be too expensive, even for only 20 sq ft, and possibly too heavy as well. Quartz is a possibility, although price and weight are a factor. Another option is Corian. It costs about the same, from what I can tell, but it may be a bit lighter.

The floor will be the same throughout the whole house. It is going to be dark wood, either bamboo or recycled pallets. The kitchen will be awesome, though, with white cabinets and dark floors. The walls will be either painted white or white washed.

On the wall that is shared with the bathroom there will be a bunch of upper cabinets similar to this:


Photo from: homebunch.com

I love the drawers! This is where most of my dishes will be and probably most of my food in jars too.

The only other thing I have to consider is the sink. I had thoughts about doing a really cool copper sink, but I think it will clash with everything else. I am leaning towards a deep under mount or possibly an apron sink.

I LOVE these fixtures from Restoration Hardware:


Oh! And the backsplash… Either this:


or this:


Photos from: hominter.com

I may have to look at both of them in the space when I get that far.

That’s the plan for the Kitchen! I’m excited about seeing come together!


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