Designing a Tiny House

From the first day I saw a tiny house I wanted one. I looked through all of the designs again and again. But I couldn’t find one that fit me. Through the years there have been more and more people building them and therefore, more designs. I think I have finally settled on what I want.

The Outside


Photo from:

This is the look I want for the outside. This particular house is made by a company called Shelter Wise. It’s there Cider Box model. I love the dark window frames, the french doors and the wood siding. Plus, I like the design as well. I am not planning on having a loft for sleeping, I may have a storage loft or two though. The added features will make it harder to build, which is something to keep in mind. I think that the ceiling hight and added light from the additional windows will make it worth while though.

The Inside

For the inside, I made my own design. Below is a rough drawing that I did.

House interior

So, basically, you walk in through french doors (the large blue rectangle on the lower right) and the bed is at your right. It will look like this:


Photo Credit:

I love the idea of a bed/nook that doubles as a couch. It will have drawers underneath, shelves in the sides, and a wall mounted TV that will swivel out to the living room.

The living room consists of a nice, comfy chair, 2 bar stools at the counter, and either a heater or a fire place (still undecided). I like the idea of a fireplace, but I don’t know if I can make it work.

The kitchen is a U shape. It will have white cabinets with fancy glass knobs and pulls. I plan on having a convection/toaster oven and a couple of countertop induction cooktops. The back wall of cabinets should look something like this:


Photo Credit:

The square that is to your left when you walk in the front door is a closet, possibly from IKEA, or possibly one that I am making. I am toying with the idea of it being open (with no doors) but I don’t know if I am clean enough for that!

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a pocket door, a full size regular toilet and a shower. I would LOVE a bath tub. I take a bath almost every day, but I just don’t think that there is room. This is something that I have considered a lot. It just doesn’t make sense.

Their will probably be a small (like IKEA small) sink in the bathroom along with storage.

I will have dark hardwood floors through out the house. If I buy them new, they will be bamboo. But I have so many ideas for buying salvaged, reclaimed or getting construction scraps, I may have to just settle for what I can find. I do want the walls white though, or possibly a light gray. I want an elegant feel on the inside. The feeling that you get from crown moulding and expensive upgrades. I plan on spending some extra money on the finishes, the light fixtures and cabinet pulls and sink faucets and things like that.

For Example:



Even for a tiny house, there are so many choices to make and so many things to think about. I’m really excited to be able to start the process!


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